How to play safe during this pandemic?

April 05, 2021

Article by Chaa Yen from ForFunk (Mummy Lifestyle Blogger)

How's everybody? I am ChaaYen from ForFunk

I hope everyone is surviving the pandemic well. For those with little ones, I hope they ain't driving you too crazy. I have to admit it was initially quite tough entertaining my infant (less than 6 months old still) indoors. Because of Covid, we have been keeping our child indoors for the longest time. 

But...we soon realized this was a terrible decision. During my child’s first ride on public transport, he didn't take it too well. :'(

This was when we realize that it was important to expose the child slowly to the outdoors. We can't possibly coop him indoors forever like Rapunzel. One day, the pandemic will pass and he will have to be integrated into the bigger world.

It was important to stay safe, but we definitely did not want to overdo it! Here are some of the precautions we took while we were out having some nice fun.

Letting baby wear a face shield

If your baby isn’t fussy and hates having something in front of his face, a face shield would be good. The only downside is that the baby’s head does grow very fast and depending on the design, some shields especially the 2-piece are extremely hard to put on.

Wet wipes and sanitizer

Wet wipes and sanitizers are a must. During this season, do try to touch as little things as possible. Always sanitize your hand before touching your child. If you have a curious little one at hand, who loves using his sensory of touch, do remember to wipe their hands before they put them into their mouths.

Face Masks

For older kids, you may want to consider using a face mask. It is mandatory in Singapore for children above 6 to wear a face mask. Parents have the choice of using either a disposable or reusable.

If you are an environmentally friendly parent or are into cute designs, you might want to consider reusables. Just at SGD 5.90 (MYR 15.90 & USD 4.90) you can get a cute one from Cheekaaboo. It is 100% cotton and has an in-built pocket insert for the carbon filter that protects the child from harmful particles below 0.3 microns. This includes dust, exhaust gas, and even pet fur. You still have to change the carbon filter once a week as it cannot be washed. 




I think I have gotten all grounds covered but fellow parents, let me know if you think I missed out a thing or two :)




Last update: August 03, 2021