Why Use Swim Diapers?

November 06, 2018

If your Lil Boo is still in diapers and you're planning a trip to the local swimming pool, Cheekaaboo swim diapers should be at the top of your prep list before hitting the pool. Swim diapers aren't just more convenient, they're also often required at public swimming pools. The growing practice of using the swim diaper has improved water health and safety at recreational swim facilities and improves the swim experience for your Lil Boos.

You shouldn't just purchase Cheekaaboo swim diapers because you "have to," or because it’s “absolutely adorable not to have!” ;) - you should understand why purchasing them is so important.

Here’s why Cheekaaboo swim diapers are parents ultimate choice:

Comes with special leak guard

Cheekaaboo swim diapers are designed solid waste with special leak guards made to stand up to total immersion in water without swelling the way disposable diapers do. It is water proof hence you don't have to deal with a soggy mess.


A well fitted pool diaper will prevent baby's stool from leaking into the water and will trap over 95 percent of the accompanying E. coli bacteria from ever reaching the water. This ensures higher water quality for all swimmers and prevents the spreading of bacterial diseases.

Gently to baby & Environmentally Friendly

Cheekaaboo swim diapers is composed of two layers. The outer layer is made from durable & stretchable material designed to resist chlorine damage. The inner layer is made with water proof fabric that is soft against baby's bottom.

Using a little caution, along with the use of swim diapers can allow swimming to be a fun and healthy activity. Practice these following tips:

  • Do not allow a child to swim if they have diarrhoea
  • Take bathroom breaks often for older children, and change the baby often
  • Try to avoid allowing a child to get pool water in their mouth, or swallow pool water
  • Practice good hygiene, such as bathing before swimming
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using the restroom, or changing child's swim diapers

Finding the perfect swim diapers for your lil one? Get ready for a splashtastic fun this summer! Cheekaaboo offers a one stop solution for your child's active lifestyle adventure.

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Last update: November 06, 2018