Hello! We are cheekaaboo

Summer means happy times and sunshine. It means going to the beach, having fun! And there is kissing from the sun, sweeping from the breeze and hugging from the cold dip! :)

But the parents are so stressed out as their precious ones can catch a cold & their delicate skin can burn! And the kids are unhappy when their fun is being cut short. 

And This Is Why We’re Different!

We believe that our specially designed suits and accessories allow your precious ones to have longer and safer splashing time in the pool or on the beach! So you can sit back and relax, while your lil ones can splash as long as their hearts desire!

Thank you!

Over the years, we have received thousands of thank you emails and sharings from our lovely customers about their children’s amazing experience in the water with Cheekaaboo!

Check out how our loyal parents have been endorsing us HERE.

We promise the utmost service to all of you and the most quality active wear to the kids under the sun, and in water!

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